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As you’ll see, from the richest to the poorest and all the pieces in between, in America the Pit Bull was the canine for youths.
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Regardless of their (unfair) repute for being harmful, Pit Bulls have been as soon as thought-about among the most beloved canines in the USA and England. In the course of the first a part of the twentieth century, households in search of canines to maintain them secure most well-liked Pit Bulls as a result of they have been thought-about extremely reliable, protecting, and dependable.

However whereas Pit Bulls have been known as “nanny canines,” they weren’t initially bred to care for kids or ever formally categorised as such. Like many working canines, Pit Bulls have been initially bred and skilled for looking. So, the place did the nanny canine nickname come from?

What’s a Nanny Canine?

A nanny canine is a canine that’s nice with kids — mild, forgiving, affectionate, and watchful. Though there isn’t a official “nanny canine” designation, sure canine breeds are also known as such due to their temperament round kids. When correctly skilled and socialized from a younger age, Pit Bulls make glorious “nanny canines” or “babysitter canines.” Pit Bulls love their individuals, regardless of their age, and have a zest for all times and play that kids particularly can recognize.

In fact, no canine (of any breed) ought to really be left utterly alone to care for a kid. Youngsters beneath 5 are the prime sufferer of canine bites, normally not out of aggression however because of canines exhibiting their boundaries (canine mothers chew their puppies to appropriate their habits).

Pit Bulls’ Historical past

Pit Bulls weren’t initially bred for nanny canines. Many Pit Bull breeds have been bred for looking in nineteenth century England, Scotland, and Eire or, within the case of American Pit Bull Terriers within the late nineteenth century, for preventing (which, although nonetheless abusive, wasn’t almost as brutal on the time as it’s now).

What does “Pit Bull” really imply?

It’s necessary to make clear what the time period “Pit Bull” really means. A “Pit Bull” shouldn’t be really a definite breed however quite an umbrella time period that refers to a variety of completely different breeds, together with the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully Canine, and lots of different combined breeds.

Pit Bulls as Nanny Canine

All through the nineteenth century, Pit Bulls have been more and more bred as pets — predominately for households within the working class. This was the time round which Pit Bulls started to be acknowledged for his or her “nanny canine” qualities which made them excellent in properties with kids. Within the first a part of the twentieth century, Pit Bulls have been so fashionable that they have been usually featured within the media, together with within the “Our Gang/Little Rascals” movies and the Buster Brown comedian strips. Well-known figures — together with Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, and Fred Astaire — have been Pit Bull homeowners and supporters throughout that point. Throughout WWI and WWII, Pit Bulls have been even utilized in ads as patriotic symbols. And within the 70s, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Membership described the breed’s love of youngsters referring to them as ‘nursemaid canines.’

Vilifying Canine Breeds

However Pit Bulls started to be vilified within the second half of the twentieth century in no small half because of their unlucky surge in canine preventing rings, which led irresponsible breeders to mistreat them to induce vicious qualities.

The media typically additionally has an extended historical past of vilifying sure canine breeds to foment worry and promote sensationalized tales. It’s a phenomenon hardly restricted to Pit Bulls; earlier than Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have been demonized, and earlier than Rottweilers, Dobermans have been focused. Earlier than Dobermans, German Shepherds have been villainized. Sure breeds — breeds that we now rightfully contemplate secure — have lengthy been deemed too vicious and unpredictable to be round individuals.

Are Pit Bulls secure round kids?

Like every other breed, Pit Bulls are secure round kids so long as an grownup is observing them. Pit Bulls might behave aggressively when pressured — once more, like every other canine — particularly in the event that they haven’t had the proper of coaching or care. Young children ought to by no means be left alone and unsupervised with any canine. Correct coaching and socialization are necessary for any breed.

What made Pit Bulls appropriate for the position of babysitters?

Whereas there may be no proof that kids have been ever left utterly alone within the care of Pit Bulls,  what made them appropriate in properties with kids is due to their adaptable nature. Pit Bulls have an extremely protecting intuition, which makes them excellent for taking care of kids of their households. These breeds are additionally referred to as “velcro canines” as a result of they all the time wish to be round their individuals. They’re additionally empathetic and in a position to detect misery and provide consolation — a terrific trait in any babysitter — within the type of snuggling or licking their people.

What are the myths surrounding Pit Bulls as nanny canines?

Maybe the most important fable surrounding Pit Bulls is that they ceaselessly assault people. In actuality, Pit Bull assaults on people are uncommon. Based on the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, out of the roughly 4.5 million canine bites that happen in the USA annually, Pit Bulls trigger solely a small share.

Although Pit Bulls will not be naturally human or animal aggressive, there are myths on the market that they’re. Actually, in 2012, 86.8% of American Pit Bull Terriers handed checks that measured their stability, aggressiveness, friendliness, and protectiveness. As some extent of comparability, 85.2% of Golden Retrievers and 80.1% of Collies — two breeds largely thought-about extremely pleasant — handed these checks.

Some individuals even consider that Pit Bulls have dangerously locking jaws, however in actuality, Pit Bulls’ jaws don’t lock, and they don’t even have essentially the most highly effective chew amongst canines (German Shepherds have that honor). There are additionally myths that Pit Bulls don’t really feel ache, however, after all, Pit Bulls really feel as a lot ache as every other breed.

It’s ironic that some of the tolerant, affected person, mild sorts of canine is now portrayed as essentially the most harmful. And but, an estimated a million Pit Bulls are euthanized annually; they account for 40 % of all canines euthanized by shelters yearly.

 Pit Bulls as “Babysitters” with Footage

Though these classic images of youngsters with their Pit Bull canines are cute, it’s necessary to notice that there isn’t a proof that Pit Bulls have been ever used as babysitters. Nonetheless, there may be loads of proof that Pit Bulls adore their individuals and may be nice with youngsters — information to nobody who’s ever met one. These images function a useful reminder that these pups have been (and nonetheless may be) trusted household pets.

This assortment of fantastic historic images of Pit Bulls as “nanny canines” with kids was created by Yonah Ward Grossman. Posted with permission.

Pit Bull Nanny Canine FAQ

Have been Pit Bulls bred to babysit?

Although good with kids, Pit Bulls have been bred to hunt, to not babysit kids. All canines must be supervised with kids, no matter breed.

The place can I study extra concerning the historical past of Pit Bulls as babysitters?

Pit Bulls have been referred to as “babysitters” as a result of they’re mild round kids. To learn extra concerning the historical past of Pit Bulls, it is best to learn Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon by Bronwen Dickey.

What made Pit Bulls appropriate for the position of babysitters?

Pit Bulls are extremely loyal and can go to any size to defend their people, which makes them appropriate round kids.

Are Pit Bulls baby pleasant?

Sure, Pit Bulls are pleasant with kids.  Like every other breed, Pit Bulls are secure round kids so long as an grownup is observing them.

Why are Pit Bulls referred to as nanny canines?

Pit Bulls have been referred to as “nanny canines” as a result of they’re mild round kids and may be very protecting of them.

What’s the fable of a Pit Bull as a nanny canine?

Pit Bulls have been by no means bred to be “nanny canines” and no baby ought to ever be left utterly alone and unsupervised with a canine of any breed.

Why do individuals say Pit Bulls are imply?

The media has unfold this false impression and Pit Bulls have additionally been mistreated by people and compelled into unlawful canine preventing, which has perpetuated this stereotype.

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